Rock the Law: A Rap Guide to Legal Matters

Yo yo, listen up, I’ve got a rap for you, about the law and what you need to do. From land tax deferment act agreement on title, to sxs street legal, it’s all right here, so you better be careful.

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Now let’s talk about height requirements for pnp, you gotta be tall enough, or you’ll be out of luck. If you’re winding up a company, don’t be a fool, learn the winding up rules, so you can keep your cool.

Don’t light up a ciggie or you’ll be in a jam, check out if cigarette delivery is legal, and know where you stand. And if you’re into gambling, don’t cross the line, understand the gambling advertising laws, so everything’s fine.

So there you have it, a rap about the law, now you know it all, so you won’t fall. Make sure to follow the links we’ve talked about, and you’ll be set, without a doubt.